Why have we chosen this site?

We are in the early stages of considering a number of parcels of land near to the village of Sturton-le-Steeple to bring forward a renewable energy project.

The plan to the right indicates the areas of land under consideration, the full extent and usage of land will be confirmed in our next stage of consultation in 2024.

The decommissioning of West Burton Power Station has unlocked an opportunity to utilise the existing grid infrastructure and grid capacity at West Burton Power Station. If the project is progressed, this proximity to the grid will also help to reduce local impacts, limiting the amount of new infrastructure that would otherwise be required to access the grid.

Land under consideration

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Identifying suitable sites for solar led developments requires a balance between grid connectivity and other factors such as: site accessibility, landscape, ecology, archaeology, and the ability to mitigate impacts on the local area.

We believe that the land we are exploring at Sturton-le-Steeple is perfectly placed to deliver a project that can help the UK reach its decarbonisation goals, whilst minimising impacts on the local community. Steeple Renewables Project presents an opportunity for this part of Nottinghamshire to continue its historic role of helping to power the UK.